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Networking Solutions

Epson offers a full range of compatible network interfaces for use with Epson laser printers. And together with Epson partners, we make it convenient and as easy as possible for you to connect your Epson business printers to your network.

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Solutions Partnership programme

The Solutions Partnership programme offers innovative technology to solutions partners for business growth, maximum value, performance and reliability.

Being a member of the Solutions Partnership programme programme allows you to work with a leader of the World Wide Imaging market with feature-rich technologies that emphasize your complete solutions.
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Epson Print servers

EpsonNet 802.11b/g Wireless and 10/100 Base Tx External Print Server

Wireless or Wired networking to your Epson printer

The EpsonNet 802.11b/g Wireless and 10/100 Base Tx External. Print Server is an external network interface that connect to the USB port of an Epson device (such as a printer or all-in-one). It allows you then to create a wireless or wired connection respectively, between your Epson device and a local area network, enabling you to work wherever needed. In addition, you can scan through the network when using your Epson all-in-one.

Key Features

The EpsonNet 802.11b/g Wireless and 10/100 Base Tx External. Print Server is perfect for workgroups who have different user’s needs.
• Easy to install and configure via a web browser
• Secured thanks to WEP/WPA2/LEAP support. You can also limit network access by defining IP addresses that can connect to the device.
• WiFi certified to guarantee best wireless support
• Supports AOSS Buffalo easy setup technology: The wireless communication is setup automatically after pressing only one button on the print server (works only with Buffalo compatible devices)
• Convenient: thanks to its small size and weight, you can put it anywhere you need. It also features an Antitheft slot for compatible secured cables.
• Supports popular network environments and client platforms

Printers compatible:

Ink Jet Printer Epson Stylus C65/C66/C66PE/C67/C68/C85/C86/C86PE/C87/C88
Stylus D68PE/ D88/ D88PE
Epson Stylus Photo 1290/2100
Epson Stylus Photo R200/R210/R220/R230/R240/R245/R250/R260/
R800/R1800/R2400, SP1400/SP1410
All-in-one Epson Stylus CX3500/CX3600/CX3650/CX4100/CX4500/CX4600/CX4700/
Epson Stylus DX4200/DX4250/DX4800/DX4850/DX6000/DX6050
Epson Stylus RX420/RX425/RX430/RX500/RX510/RX520/RX530/RX560/
RX580/RX590/RX600/RX620/ RX640/RX650/RX700
Epson AcuLaser CX11N series (Push-Scan function not supported)
Laser Printer EPL-6200, EPL-N2550/N3000/N7000
Epson AcuLaser C1100/C3000/C2600/C3800/C4000/C4100/ C4200/C8600/C9100
Impact Dot Matrix Printer FX-890/2190, DFX-9000, LQ-300+ II/590/630/1150 II/2090, LX-300+ II/1170 II, DLQ-3500, PLQ-20/20M

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EpsonNet 10/100 Tx Internal Print Server

If your printer is not network ready there is an Epson print server* to help you connect it quickly and seamlessly to your network.

Supporting 10 Base T / 100 Base Tx connectivity - just install the print server into your printer's optional interface slot, and connect it anywhere on your Ethernet network. It provides an easy and affordable way to connect Epson printers to a LAN.

Management is also simple. Configuration tools include both platform-specific applications such as EpsonNet Config and a web-based configuration and management tools such as EpsonNet Config and EpsonNet WebManager. Local monitoring of printer status is also simple thanks to Epson's Status Monitor 3 software.

Whether your workgroup uses colour inkjet printing for business graphics, impact printing for forms and labels, or laser printing for reports and letters, Epson's multiprotocol print servers let you convert your printer into a common network resource for everyone on the network to share. And since they simultaneously support multiple protocols, users can share the printer whether they work on a PC, Macintosh, OS/2, UNIX workstation or in a Novell NDS, Windows NT or TCP/IP environment.

Allowing users unlimited access to system and network resources can compromise an organization's security and stability. The Epson Multiprotocol Ethernet Print Servers let you control who can access to the printer by allowing or denying computer’s IP addresses. Large networks can be easily managed, thanks to the 16 range of IP addresses that can be allowed or denied.

In addition, if you require fast printing of complex graphic images, the Epson Multiprotocol Ethernet Print Servers provide a fast connection to your Epson printer. With it, you'll increase productivity for everyone in your workgroup.
Easy to use, fast, and guaranteed compatible, the Epson Multiprotocol Ethernet Print Servers are the right choice for network connections.

* Consult the individual printer option pages for compatibility details

Key features

• Quickly convert your Epson printer into a network printer
• Simple setup - all hardware & software is included
• Allows your print server to be easily configured with a web browser
• Supports popular network environments and client platforms
• Controlled access to your printer (IP based)
• Separate printer status monitor software utility included

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